Fraude na Indução - Lisbon Portugal


10/1/2017 UPDATE:

MX Properties, Inc and its personnel have recently been contacted by an individual whom which we do not recoginize that might be connected to Carmen De Souza and this matter. This individual now on three different occasions has used threats against MX Properties and its principals. At this time, MX cannot release that name of this man as he is not referred to in any of Carmen De Souza's correspondence received to date. All we know is that his threats are making matters much worse and his claims of wrongdoing on the part of MX Properties care COMPLETELY unfounded. As set forth below, MX Properties complied promptly and in complete good faith with Carmen De Souza's demand / inducement letters and wired funds to coordinates provided by Ms De Souza. It is out opinion at this time that perhaps that individual involved might be part of the overall fraud and racketeering scheme engineered against MX Properties. This individual's attempts to detract attention from Carmen De Souza and perhaps himself are quite obvious. We have asked this individual several times to discontinue these absurdities immediately a it is only making matters much worse on everyone.

Our Plight

In mid November 2017, consultant John S Diak placed a call to MX Properties officials with what was thought to be very good news. We were told alas that our long awaited funding had finally come to fruition after 16 long months. To MX, this was wonderful news. However, just as MX was preparing for its initial funding, Mr Diak informed us that the attorney in the transaction, Carmen De Souza was now demanding that $11000 be paid to cover certain mysterious "fees" that would not be defined or the funding to MX would not take place. This considerably angered MX Properties as it had invested over $1mm since September 2015 in John S Diak's trading and instrument programs. However, Mr Diak soon assured us that prior to wiring the $11000, attorney De Souza would compose a commitment letter that the transaction would be completed as Diak promised. And, in fact, on 16/11/2016, MX received a letter from Carmen De Souza to consultant, John S Diak, that CLEARLY stated that upon payment of the mysterious "fees", MX Properties funds would be released "IMMEDIATELY" (See the below letter for attorney De Souza). In complete and total good faith, MX Properties, Inc promptly wired $11000 to coordinates that Carmen De Souza sent.

Following her 16/11/2016 letter, Carmen De Souza sent another letter addressed to John S Diak stating that "we have 'instructed' the 'bank' for doing the payments". This letter dated 18/11/2016 gave MX Properties what we felt to be the final level of comfort that we needed that the transaction was now complete. However, we soon discovered that this was no time to feel relief. A few days turned into weeks which turned into months. NOTHING was funded and the transaction was never completed as promised in Carmen De Souza's inducement / demand letters. Even more frustrating was the fact that MX again in good faith attempted to contact Ms De Souza for a solid month to inquire as to the status of the transaction. Attorney De Souza rebuffed all attempts of our communication efforts and consultant Diak just continually made daily promises but never could bring the matter to conclusion either.

Thus, we respectfully request that Carmen De Souza in good faith finally bring to conclusion the transaction that was to be completed now seven weeks ago. MX as always has acted in good faith only to be treated quite poorly and with much disdain.

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